July 16, 2006

New York Times’ Portrayal of Arab Leaders

Posted in Middle East at 7:00 pm by greatparanoiac

To follow up on recent posts about coverage trends in the Middle East, I wanted to direct your attention to Electronic Intifada, a colleague brought this website to my attention recently. EI offers readers a more comprehensive look at the Palestine-Israel conflict from different perspectives. It also gives us the Palestinian narrative which is missing from our traditional press.

Yesterday there was a column posted by Patrick O’Connor, who works with the International Solidarity Movement, on Western coverage of the Middle East. In particular it criticizes the New York Times for not taking a neutral position, especially since as a paper of record it influences public opinion and foreign policy. It also fuels the current crises in Gaza and Lebanon:

In blaming only Arabs and consoling Israel about the lack of fairness in the “real world”, the Times displays complete blindness to Israeli provocations. Ironically, The Times’ recent editorials have barely hinted at the scale of Israeli violations, though much of the following Israeli violence can be found in past New York Times news articles.

Mr. O’Connor is currently researching the major US newspapers’ coverage of Israel/Palestine.


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