July 15, 2006

FOX News Stresses Israeli Casualties in Lebanon Invasion

Posted in Middle East at 5:18 pm by greatparanoiac

beirut.jpgHizballah’s capture of two Israeli soldiers from the Israeli side of the Lebanese border on Wednesday. In retaliation Israel launched air and artillery attacks against targets in Lebanon, including Beirut’s international airport and bridges and highways south of the capital, and instituted an air, sea, and
land blockade. According to media reports, the attacks have killed at least 73 civilians and wounded more than 100. Hizballah forces have launched scores of rockets across the border into northern Israel, killing two civilians and injuring approximately 150. 

But you wouldn’t have known this if you are getting your news from the unfair and unbalanced Fox News. Check out the posts from the blog News Hound:

[Greg] Burke [reporting from Beirut] did not attempt to recap any sort of human toll, restricting his comments to saying that the Israelies “hit a lot of bridges, a lot of power stations. Now we’ve also seen cell phone towers. It seems to be a sort of isolation campaign, get the country of Lebanon isolated, which they have done through the air and sea blockade, and get the different parts of it isolated, first the south where Hezbollah is so strong … and now hitting very hard the southern suburbs of Beirut,” he said.

The viewer is almost relieved. The Israelies are just hitting bridges and cell phone towers, .not actually killing anybody like the “two elderly people” who were injured by the nasty rockets that hit Israel. No question who the villain is in this piece. It can’t be Israel. They haven’t even killed anybody, right?

Michael Tobin reporting for Fox from Israel also was quick to point out that any casualities as a result of Israeli warplanes destroying suburbs in Beirut were the bad guys…”only people with Hezbollah’s blessing can get in there.”  Tobin never addresses where exactly these bombs fell.

Moving on to newsworthy items from a respectable source…Human Rights Watch released a statement today imploring both Israel and Hizbollah that under no circumstances should civilians in Israel and Lebanon be attacked. HRW called on all sides to respect the absolute prohibition against targeting civilians or carrying out attacks that indiscriminately harm civilians.

Human Rights Watch said that attacks on civilians, or acts to intimidate civilians, clearly violate international humanitarian law, and may constitute war crimes, even if carried out in reprisal for attacks by an adversary on one’s own civilians.   

International humanitarian law requires that armed forces distinguish between combatants and civilians, and between military objects and civilian objects, at all times. It is also forbidden to carry out indiscriminate attacks or attacks that cause damage disproportionate to the anticipated concrete military advantage.


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