April 9, 2006

Condi’s Bundle of Joy

Posted in International Politics at 3:49 pm by greatparanoiac


I promise to make this a short post. I thought this was a great cartoon to go along with a BBC report on our favorite Secretary of State. Condoleezza Rice finally conceded that the Bush administration had made “tactical errors” in waging the war in Iraq. But, she still argued that the administration pursued the right underlying strategy in toppling Saddam Hussein.

The right strategy in Iraq? Someone should tell Condi what’s going on in Iraq…there’s not one day that civilian casualties aren’t reported…42 died in blast….17 killed during insurgent attack….53 dead in mosque bombing…24 bodies recovered..,etc. Too bad, there’s no governing body keeping official records on civilian deaths.

What the administration’s strategy has done Iraq is increase the risk of terrorism. If Al-Qaeda wasn’t in Iraq before March 2003, with porous borders, they’re in the country now. Plus…think of the hundreds of families destroyed….10 or 12-year-old boys watching their family members killed in front of them. There’s your al-Qaeda recruits in 10 years.

Rice goes on to say in the report that history’s judgment will be based on whether “you make the right strategic decisions.” Phew! If that’s the only criteria…

That must come as a huge relief to the suffering Iraqis and families of soldiers overseas. As long as the right strategy was implemented…


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